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4Life Products Receive Cologne List® Approval

Salt Lake City, Utah (February 14, 2013) 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula and 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Burst® Tri-Factor®Formula now appear on the highly regarded Cologne List as compiled by the Center for Preventative Doping Research at the German Sport University, Cologne.

“Our inclusion as a manufacturer of Cologne List-approved products gives 4Life distributors in Germany, Europe, and around the world another excellent selling point as they share our products and opportunity with others,” said Vice President, Europe Rafael Fernandez.

The Cologne List is a collection of nutritional supplements that have tested negative for banned substances. Athletes utilize this list to ensure they are taking supplements that will decrease their risk of unintentional doping.

World-class powerlifter and Team 4Life member Brady Stewart: “I’m tested before every competition. In May, I travel to Lithuania on the U.S. World Bench Press Team for the 2013 International competition. I take RioVida Burst® and Transfer Factor Plus® every day and test negative before every event.”

The Cologne List is committed to ensuring safety through tested products. Inclusion requires that products have been tested for anabolic-androgenic steroids. Additionally, the manufacturer must sign a self-disclosure which enables authorities to assess the contamination risk of the product.

Senior Vice President, International Jeff Kalinin: “4Life distributors should know that we submitted Transfer Factor Plus® for testing because worldwide, it’s our number one selling product. We submitted RioVida Burst® because it’s portable, Team 4Life Members take it, and the product compliments an active lifestyle.”

Learn more about the Cologne List and its importance to customers and athletes alike. 4Life has offices on five continents to serve a global network of independent distributors through science, success, and service.

For more information:
Calvin Jolley
Vice President, Communications
4Life Research USA, LLC

Greetings to the people of the world from Russian doctors. Vladimir Srartsev, MD, PhD, hiriurg, urologist.

4Life in my Heart

Team 4Life Member Qualifies for Ironman Championship

Salt Lake City, Utah (May 25, 2012) 4Life Research™ announced today that Team 4Life member Glenn Dobson has qualified for the 2012 Ironman World Championship on October 13 in Kona, Hawaii. 

The Hawaii Ironman includes a 2.4 mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. Participants must compete in one of 23 events throughout the world to qualify for the Ironman World Championship. Over the past 12 years, Glenn completed 20 Ironman races and 16 half-Ironman races in an attempt to qualify for the Kona event. 

“On behalf of the 4Life executive team, I want to formally congratulate Glenn on this tremendous accomplishment,” remarked Vice President, International Alan Michaelis. “Glenn is an amazing and dedicated athlete. Good luck in October, Glenn!”

Dobson cross-trains more than 16 hours every week in swimming, biking, running, and strength training. At the age of 54, he pushes his body to the limit. As part of his training regimen, Glenn supplements with a variety of 4Life products, including RiteStart® Men, NutraStart®, 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Burst® Tri-Factor® Formula, and Energy Go Stix®. 

“4Life products play an integral role in my day-to-day sports lifestyle,” commented Dobson. “I look forward to representing the company at the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona this fall.”

Team 4Life consists of world-class athletes like Glenn who excel in their athletic disciplines and include 4Life Transfer Factor products as part of their nutritional supplementation. The team includes 2010 World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP) Edgar Rentería, World Golf Hall of Famer Johnny Miller, and others.

4Life has offices on five continents to serve a global network of independent distributors through science, success, and service. 

4Life innovations in Transferceutical Science continue to attract a lot of attention - and validation - from scientific research, to news media, to findings for healthy living.

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The Direct Selling News October 2008 issue featured 4Life on the cover, commemorating 10 years of 4Life’s ongoing success in its commitment to science-based transfer factor products.
In 2005, Direct Selling News announced 4Life’s successful delivery of transfer factors in a liquid in 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida®
In 2006, 4Life® Chief Executive Officer David Lisonbee was inducted into the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences and became the world’s 26th recipient of the I.N. Blokhina Award for "excellence in the field of biotechnology.”
In 2007, 4Life Co-founder Bianca Lisonbee appeared on the NBC TODAY Show to present a holiday donation in excess of $100,000, in addition to 4Life’s enummi® Intensive Body Lotion featuring 4Life Transfer Factor, on behalf of 4Life distributors.
In 2006, the Salt Lake Tribune heralded 4Life’s role in the development of transfer factor science: "Lisbonee's company has developed nutritional supplements that support the immune system and is involved in ongoing research on the use of transfer factors, immune system molecules that can transfer information across species."
4Life in Japan


With over $50 million in dedicated research, the public can now benefit from the cumulative knowledge of thousands of scientific papers on the workings of transfer factors.
In 2003, The American Medical Review reported on transfer factor technology. The broadcast aired on public television.
4Life in the world


In 2007, The Federal Anti-Doping Center in Moscow, Russia, admitted 4Life Transfer Factor® for use by Olympians in practice, training, and competition.
MLM Australia & New Zealand featured 4Life Transfer Factor, noting that “transfer factor isn’t a vitamin, mineral, or herb but a molecule that forms the core of the ‘intelligence network’within the immune system.”
In 2007, Taiwan’s Business News featured 4Life in an article, noting the strategic positioning of 4Life Transfer Factor and the expertise of the 4Life executive team.
4life in Malaysia and Indonesia


Since beginning with 4Life’s Research and Development department in 2000, Chief Scientific Officer Calvin McCausland, Ph.D. has conducted numerous clinical trials for 4Life Transfer Factor products and furthered transfer factor technology by leaps and bounds.
4Life’s Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB) is a team of renowned medical doctors, naturopaths, immunologists, and microbiologists from around the world. The team’s expertise influences research, guides new product development, and provides a wealth of knowledge to distributors at 4Life meetings and events.



Team 4Life, a group of world-renowned athletes who endorse 4Life Transfer Factor products, includes athletes across the sports spectrum.
4Life for sportsmens
  • World Golf Hall of Fame legend and NBC Sports broadcaster Johnny Miller has endorsed 4Life Transfer Factor for years. He comments, "You may be a hall of fame athlete, entrepreneur, or mother. Regardless of your focus, 4Life Transfer Factor is designed to help you improve your game."
  • Professional golfer Ian Baker-Finch, a CBS sports analyst and winner of the British Open, stands behind the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor products for gaining a competitive edge.
  • Four-time Olympic medalist Mark Todd integrates 4Life Transfer Factor into his daily supplement regimen. “I am 52 years old and competing in my fifth Olympics,”remarks Todd. “I use 4Life Transfer Factor Plus®to help keep me at the top of my game. It provides the well-being and healthy energy support I need to continue top-level competition.”
  • Australian Adelaide Crows AFL stars Brett Burton and Andrew McLeod have committed to making 4Life Transfer Factor part of their game, and haven’t stopped raving about the benefits since.
4LifeTransfer Factor espanol


In 2007, 4Life appeared on the cover of the popular Success from Homemagazine. The 4Life issue covers prominent 4Life distributors, articles from 4Life executives, and articles from experts within the direct selling industry.
In addition to frequent mention of 4Life Transfer Factor products inDirect Selling News, 4Life was included in the Direct Selling News 2007 Annual Review, a 258-page compendium of the best industry articles of the previous year.
Since 2002, 4Life Transfer Factor products have been listed in thePhysicians’ Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements, and Herbs —a popular reference publication for health practitioners and consumers alike.
In 2006, TotalHealth magazine published an in-depth report on the developments of transfer factor science since 1949 and cited the work of David Lisonbee and 4Life Research™ in the field.
Transfer factors have been the subject of numerous Woodland Health publications, a company that has sold millions of titles around the world.
In 2006, an article in Utah Business magazine emphasized 4Life’s unique focus on extracting transfer factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk, as opposed to the many supplements derived from plant sources.
4Life patents


4Life has 11 issued and applied for patents, including U.S. Patent 6,468,534 (issued October- 2002 for the extraction of transfer factors from chicken egg yolk) and U.S. Patent 6,866,868 (issued March- 2005 for the combination of transfer factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk).


The man retired from the stage 4 prostate cancer after surgery.

Upon returning from the hospital did not get up and do not leave the house. Doctors gave a disappointing forecast. I started takingTF and TF + while 3-4 capsules a day, then 2 capsules a day.The dosage of each was determined by the pendulum. The maximum dose was not more than 4 capsules per day. A week later, was to get up, went outside. A month later, went to the country, worked to the best. All summer spent at the cottage. In the autumn my wife and I went on a visit to Israel, the road movednormally. One year later, decided to operate a long herniaoperation carried normally. Who takes the TF in prophylactic doses.

RK, Almaty, Kazakhstan

My husband 
adenoma of prostate. Allergic to cats. Took 5 daysto 6 capsules Transfer Faktoratm, then support - 1 capsule ofTransfer Factor in the day. Now allergy does not occur.Decreased adenoma.

Irene S.
My father has cancer and has a course of chemotherapy. Hedutifully fulfills all requirements of a doctor, but I think it would bebetter not to do chemotherapy. The tumor decreased slightly in size, and the doctor insists on povtornoi
̆ chemotherapy. My fatherin '84, and the procedure for it is very heavy. Besides the fact thathe looked very ill, the work of his bowel completely went wrong.Diarrhea was replaced by constipation, completely absentappetite. Long it could not last, and one day prekrasnyĭ moĭ fatherhe decided to take care of themselves and refusedchemotherapy. He called me and said that he was ready to followmy advice and start taking Transfer Factor. He used to hear of itdid not. Two months later, a CT scan showed that the tumor was reduced by 60%. We do not know how to thank God! To himback the appetite and zdorovyĭ complexion, and he looks healthy.Instead, it takes 12 capsules 9.

 Men diseases: prostatitis, the potency
Published on June 22, 2011. Author admin_maksim

 Leonid. Age 52 years. Treatment of prostatitis. Comment on Transfer Factor.

I started using Transfer Factor to fight the viral infection that causes prostatitis.
In the process of Transferfaktora my libido has increased significantly. I became much more likely to experience sexual attraction to his girlfriend. Sexual intercourse has become more time-consuming.
Very pleased with this drug, which increased the potency and duration of my love of the process. I got the second youth.
 Maxim. Age 35 years. Chronic prostatitis: treatment.

For many years, suffering from prostatitis. From time to time been an explosion in a nasty pain in the genitals.
Prostatitis made itself felt in various deviations from the normal lifestyle (alcohol intake, stress).
Started taking Transfer Factor to the overall health of the organism, and a week later I noticed that the discomfort had disappeared from the prostate and is no longer aggravated by the impact of trigger factors.

 Treatment of prostatitis and BPH. Reviews of the transfer factor.

My father recently celebrated 80 years of age. Lack of health problems. But the main - prostatitis and prostate adenoma.
Treated by different methods, almost to no avail. And now, more than two years it takes TF and TF Plus edvens (permanently). The shifts are, on the symptoms and sensations (traditional doctors disliked and access
the urologist did not want to).
Transfer Factor Cardio - always open, accepting, as an ambulance, when we catch the heart, and he and my mother. Not only that, he began to look younger than my mother (she is 75), the wrinkles are.
And then, after the anniversary, went to the optician to replace glasses. The previous was 3.5. Checked the sight. Oculist said - "You do not need glasses and I do not need you!" His vision was normal. Reads without glasses. Here's a "side effect" of transfers!

The prostate gland - an amazing organ. This is both muscle and iron.
Working as a muscle, it constrains or opens the way for dumping urine and semen.
Like iron, or hormonal body, it produces a hormone that affects the number and viability of sperm. The prostate consists of a smooth working of the muscles, which is located inside the glandular basket. There are only two layers of capillaries and two layers of glandular cells. Smooth muscles are the basis of blood vessels, including capillaries, so that we can say that the prostate gland - is negligible and the smooth muscle of the prostate.

Do not all run to the doctor for the manifestation of inflammation of the prostate. After 14 days, the inflammation becomes chronic, and seemed to be cured. All symptoms, except for a light bite to disappear. But it is a trifle compared to what it was! The following conclusion: had passed.
Now we have done all that over time we have been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. Symptoms often develop gradually it.
These include: pain and discomfort in the lumbar region, perineum, rectum, penis, testicles;
sexual dysfunction - pain and discomfort during erection and ejaculation, premature ejaculation, weak, unstable erection or its complete termination;
frequent, painful urination;
increase in temperature.

Further development of the disease leads to serious complications that affect the mind, creating a complex of inferiority of life:
decreased sex drive;
erectile dysfunction (impotence until);
various disorders of urination;
inflammation of other organs of the urogenital system - the seminal vesicles (vesicles), the testicles (orchitis), epididymis (epididymitis), kidneys (pyelonephritis), etc.

The most terrible consequences, in advanced cases - is benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer.
What is happening in the prostate, when starting a chronic inflammatory process?

Let's start with the fact that the prostate gland is located not in the best location. Pelvis - a zone of physical inactivity and chronic inflammatory processes. On top of the prostate is the bladder, which is healing from the inside washed with urine, and the outside is usually inflamed. This is an inflammation of the lymphatic system is blocked, the same for the bladder and prostate. Limfosistemy - drain the body and, therefore, prostate cells are unable to get rid of the waste of his life.

One side of the prostate adjacent to the rectum, the lack of discomfort, which boasts a rare man. Feeling of discomfort caused by proctitis, internal or external hemorrhoids. The reasons they are viruses, bacteria, candida, or worms.

Thus, the prostate gland is blocked, prevented from rid of toxins and their strange life is surrounded by toxins.

That the body can do for the prostate, located in such adverse conditions?

When the body lacks the strength to bring order to a zone, it blocks the site, surrounding it with an impermeable connective tissue. There is a scar that makes it possible to operate normally adjoining cells.

How to treat chronic prostatitis? How to restore the potency?

Over time, major arteries, which are responsible for blood flow to sexual organs, lose their plasticity.
What to do?
This question has always troubled man. In all countries and at different times and were invented various means of withdrawal of men from the tragedy of sexual inadequacy.

Fortunately, XXI Century opens up great opportunities for scientists who have recently started to pay great attention to these issues.

With advances in technology made it possible to combine in one product the unique properties of plants and scientific achievements.
Most recently, 4Life received a patent for his product Transfer Faktor 4Life Cardio - a well-balanced formula designed to improve the metabolic processes of the body with targeted support for the cardiovascular system.
The structure consists of: ascorbic acid, niacinamide, hawthorn, resveratrol, garlic, lysine, and the extract of red yeast rice that contribute to the preservation of the arteries and veins in a healthy condition, maintaining normal blood flow in them,
strengthens the venous walls,
reduces the permeability and fragility of capillaries and blood cholesterol levels,
cleans the lymphatic system,
improves circulation of blood vessels,
prevent premature aging.

Another exclusive product of 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro, aiming to support the male endocrine system, optimizing the health of the prostate in men, as well as the regulatory function of the genitourinary and reproductive systems. Transfer Factor MalePro - a combination of targeted Transfer Factor ® palmetto extract, pygeum africanum, lycopene, soy isoflavones and additional herbs and antioxidants.

If you suffer from the symptoms described above, if the following questions:
"Did you quarrel with your partner because of the confusion in the sexual sphere,"
"Everything is well with the mood?" and
"Do not become a chore for you Sex and the burden?" - You answer yes - then you just need to pay attention to these products.

Here are a few reviews on the use of TF

Leonid '51.
I started taking Transfer Factor to quickly deal with a viral infection. At the same time noticed another effect on the receiving FF. I felt that I had increased libido. I often want to become his girlfriend. And the duration of intercourse had increased markedly. He obviously increases the potency and improves sex.I feel as if I looked younger by 10 years.

Manuel J.
Once, in conversation with my son, Jose, I complained about his health and in particular the fact that I was sick heart and problems with the prostate gland. Jose told me about Transfer Factor Plus and Transfer Factor Cardio. I thought I found the answer to the question tormented me how to cope with the disease of the cardiovascular system and to overcome a possible prostate cancer. Once I started taking Transfer Factor Plus for 3 capsules a day, and Transfer Factor Cardio to 6 capsules a day for two weeks, my condition has improved significantly. I had a very high cholesterol levels - or rather, 243. After nine days of continuous reception of food, he dropped to 147! It was 96 units.
Over the next three months, my health continued to improve. In mid-February results were obtained biopsies of the prostate. The left half was normal, but in the right half of the cancer was detected at an early stage. It was decided to re-biopsy after five weeks. When I returned to the clinic for repeat biopsy results, it appeared that no malignancy was no more.
In March, I was assigned to open-heart surgery to release the build-up of the three blocked arteries. The operation should have been done on Friday. I went to the hospital on Thursday, and the cardiologist gave me a preoperative angiogram. To my great surprise, the doctor said that I can go home and added: "I do not know what you are being treated, but I advise you to continue in the same spirit as you will not need surgery. You are a healthy person. " These products are not only saved me from the pain, but also from the significant cost of surgery!

Well, perhaps all that can be summarized to say about the "male" specimens of 4Life.
Currently, there are dozens of transfer factor - forums. "Look through" them, read reviews, view from different sides of the transfer factor. Forum, while not answer all the questions, but still you get some idea.
But the full view you can make just by applying the drug. We do not impose - this is only your choice.

Benign tumors: fibroids, mastitis, cysts, polyps, endometriosis, BPH.
There are diseases that are often referred to as "female."
This is a benign tumor: uterine fibroids, mastitis, cystic ovaries, polyps, endometriosis, BPH. The fact that the female hormone estradiol entering the liver, it is oxidized and converted to the new hormones - estrogen. Out of estradiol, the liver, "preparing" three types of zstrogenov-2, C-16, C-4 We are now interested in the first two. C-16 - the active hormone. Doctors sometimes refer to it as "bad" because it was he who causes the growth of tissues and cell mutation. But without it, no woman could not stand the child and nursed, - a hormone that allows cells to the command prompt and active division.
Pregnant women are C-16 becomes more than usual. It transmits the cells of the breast, endometrium, uterine muscle bags, click on the division. This increases and strengthens the uterus, preparing for breast feeding. C-2, calm hormone, doctors say - "good" - it blocks the excessive activity of the C-16. If disturbed ratio between C-2 and C-16 - there is a hormonal imbalance.
The main reason for failure of the normal biotransformation in the liver is a large number of surplus, outstanding free radicals, which gives rise to the very same liver. Over the past 20 years the body has been exposed to so many new, unfamiliar substance of the liver. Neutralizing and taking them, the liver produces more radical than before. These "extra" radicals greatly damage the liver cells, which violates the oxidation of hormones and toxins.
Now imagine a woman is not pregnant, but the enzyme system of the liver is damaged radicals and does not receive proper nutrition!
Oxidation of estradiol impaired, the percentage of C-16 increases, it is produced surplus. He gives the command to actively share the breast cancer cells - there is a disease of the breast, the body cells of the uterus - uterine, endometrial cells (the inner cavity of the uterus) - endometriosis, prostate cells - adenoma. Pay attention! All this can only occur against a background of disturbances in the immune system that these "extra", the mutated cells to detect and destroy.
Size of fibroid doctors determine in weeks: a woman is not pregnant, but C - 16 and the excess of the uterus - as at 8 weeks, for example. Endometriosis, cystic, polyposis, adenomatosis - the reasons are two: a surplus of C-16 and immune disorders!
Even at 5% excess of C-16 observed in the monthly pain, bloating and breast tenderness in the critical days (tuberculosis and mastodeniya).
In 10-15% - the emergence of fibroids, glandular breast tissue proliferation, cystic ovaries, endometriosis symptoms. There are BPH in men.
When an imbalance 20% or more is observed, as a rule, large fibroids, with fibrous mastitis, cystic or nodular, severe endometriosis, cysts in the ovaries, uterine polyps, spayachnye processes. Increases the risk of breast cancer or cancer.
For the present treatment of these diseases require safe products that eliminate these violations.
For a long time in the hands of the Russian physician practice these drugs were not, and this determines the tactics of a physician: observation, surgery, back, etc. monitoredPreparations for the liver, which is in the pharmacy, Kars, zssentsiale fort, etc., do not solve this problem, as inducers of biotransformation of hormones and toxins in the liver are, in principle, are not.
Transfer factors educate the immune system to effectively recognize and destroy abnormal cells and tissues. They also set up the antioxidant system of the body to more effectively "repay" excessive radicals and establish control over the formation of excess C-16.
However, because most likely you have a hormonal imbalance emerged and developed quite a long time, benign tumors had formed, and the resources run out of the liver, it will obviously be very useful to help the body in its fight, removing excess of radicals with thiophane and "feeding" liver, milk thistle, burdock root, Salsola collina, etc.
Already extensive experience with FF under a variety of diseases suggests that TF copes with these pathologies.
Feelings change in the first month of admission. With a good dose TP + and TP for 2 months you can see a positive trend. The question of the timing of the end of active treatment and transition to the prophylactic administration should discuss with your doctor.
Usually we are talking about six months of active reception.
The behavior of cancer cells in the body is a vivid example of how cell-offenders may escape immune surveillance. In the body of every person under the influence of solar and terrestrial radiation and other factors, daily produces about 80 million cancer cells.Usually, they are detected in time, quickly attacked and destroyed by the immune system.
The very appearance of the cancer process in the body indicates a deep immunopathology. Apparently, the immune response takes place fast enough, suggesting that the weakness of the induction phase.
Seek to suppress onkoprotsessa doctor, who admitted the immune system.
However, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, themselves weaken the body and, in particular, deepening the immunopathology. There is reason to believe that if the immune system prior to treatment has prevented the emergence of onkoprotsessa, but now, weakened by the treatment, the more she can do it! So, strategically, it should not only seek to suppress cancer pathology, but also to prevent its recurrence.
To do this, ensure that the immune system, after treatment, was not only worse than before and much better! Now, with the advent of the method immunorehabilitation with TF, this task has become quite feasible. Particularly relevant is a deep immunorehabilitation get in those cases where the doctor can not be sure that the process is completely suppressed, which is excluded metastasis, the patient suffered a difficult treatment.
Doctors have successfully used TF for the preparation and conduct of chemo-radiotherapy. This allows you to keep a normal blood counts, "cover up" by the defeat of the intestine, liver, kidneys, heart, etc., to remove toxicity, including drug. Very good use of TF oncologists, if necessary, to concomitant antiviral therapy, while the body is weakened by other treatments.
If the doctor's actions did not give the desired result, and he saw no prospect of further conventional treatment, TF-therapy can significantly prolong the life of the patient, to reduce their suffering and to ensure adequate maintenance of life. But in some cases, even these patients can obtain long-term and stable remission and even a positive trend. To do this, many doctors, both in Russia and abroad, it is recommended timeframes in large doses.
Such cases have hundreds. To draw final conclusions too early, but we can firmly state: feeling sick, and the quality of life improved dramatically, significantly reduced pain, intoxication, decreases or disappears completely ascites. Improved blood counts.
In fact, can "give" people a few months, a year and a half and more fulfilling life. Patients feel well, they have a normal appetite and sleep. People are again beginning to read books and newspapers, interested in politics and sports, messing around in their backyards. All this can not be overstated.
Features the immune system - is very high. In an in vitro cell NK (natural killer cells) were placed to cancer cells. Over 48 hours of NK cells destroy 5% of abnormal cells. But if the NK cells, tentatively placed Transfer Factor (4 LIFE) and several hours of NK-cell "reads" the information, then, for the same 48 hours, they destroyed 95% of cancer cells!
The possibility of "competent" the immune system, the system has received adequate information, is incomparably greater than usual.
Clinical studies conducted (and continuing today) at the Russian Cancer Center to them. N, N, Blokhin has shown that the use of TF in the complex therapy in cancer patients with severe immunodeficiency, in most cases leads to normalization of immune status and improve the overall condition of the patients.The study investigated the influence of TF on the antitumor and cytotoxic activity of NK cells. The increase in cytotoxicity was obtained in an average of 18% to 80%, which is almost equivalent to the action of IL-2 (the best in the hands of oncologists immunoaktivator), which is ten times more expensive and has a number of severe side effects, and a list of contraindications.

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